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5 Most Unique Vacation Rentals In Bengaluru Under ₹45,000

Hospitality goes way beyond offering a good place and service today. It’s about the experience it offers- the type of property, mood of the place, interiors, amenities, activities, etc. This list can go on depending on the individual.

But where’s the fun in staying in a traditional hotel or even a resort these days? There are so many unique options out there. From thematic rooms to extravagant facilities, let’s see some really interesting properties that you rent in and around Bengaluru under ₹45,000.

Jade 735

This 5-bedroom lavish private villa offers plush amenities and services, unlike any other vacation rental. Located only a couple of hours from the main city, this villa offers the luxuries one looks for in an ideal vacation home along with privacy.

Modern classic interiors with white walls and accent pieces, make the villa serene and vibrant. The living room opens to a grand private pool and a 10-feet waterfall. Overlooking the pool is a beautiful gazebo where you can enjoy a nice meal during your stay. It also features a six-seater jacuzzi! What’s a luxury villa without a private jacuzzi? 

Unique facilities & experiences:

  • Private pool and dining
  • Open swinging bed
  • Submerged dining experience
  • Bonfire
  • Barbeque
  • Chef on request

White Sky Villa

If the traffic has stalled your vacation plans, this one’s for you. This ultra-modern penthouse is located right in the centre of Electronic City. The house features 4 bedrooms, each one drawing inspiration from a different country. You can walk your way from Greece to Japan in no time!

The common areas are decked up with bright furniture, pop-art and neon lights that make the whole place cheerful. The 180-degree glass around the house offers views unlike any in the locality. Apart from stunning views and interiors, you can make use of the 12-seater infinity jacuzzi, two open bars and two plug and play sound systems.  

Unique facilities & experiences:

  • Terrace Bar
  • 12-seater Hot Tub/Jacuzzi
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Fine Dining

White Solitaire

If you are someone who’s looking for some peace and quiet, this property is your ideal stay. This private villa offers you the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor living. The property is surrounded by greenery and has its very own garden and sit-out area where you can reconnect with nature and breathe in some fresh air. 

The modern style living room and bedrooms, decorated with sleek furniture make this the perfect contemporary farmhouse. Along with beautiful interiors and exteriors, the villa also offers prompt service and a private chef on request, making it ideal for families and group outings. 

Unique facilities & experiences:

  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Private sit out by the pool
  • Open air living and dining space
  • Plug and Play Speakers
  • BBQ grill & Bonfire
  • Camping

The Krafted Hobbit

Who didn’t want to visit the tiny houses from the movie The Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings? As the name suggests, the house is inspired by the very same! Although, it still has ceilings that are high enough for normal-sized people. So, you needn’t duck to get into this villa.

The two-bedroom house has unique round windows and exposed wooden interiors that truly transport you into the hobbit world. The various activities and games offered at this property make it an ideal getaway for a good bonding session. 

Unique facilities & experiences:

  • Picnic Area
  • Sun Deck
  • Private Pool
  • Bonfire
  • Board Games & Puzzles


Green and serene are two words that most accurately describe the experience at Ananta. The villa is surrounded by farmland and has its very own pond with an artificial waterfall, and with the outdoor sit-out, this view is all yours! The villa boasts expansive outdoor space and views. It also has many interesting activities that you can indulge in during your stay. 

This two-bedroom and four-bath farmhouse has simple and elegant interiors that really make you feel relaxed. The tones are neutral with just a few bright coloured pieces around the house that make it warm and home-like. 

The space is ideal for families and groups that are looking for a quiet place where you can simply spend time with your loved ones. 

Unique facilities & experiences:

  • Mini-golf 
  • 100-year old Banyan Tree
  • Basketball court 
  • Sprawling lawn 
  • Private swimming pool with a kids’ pool
  • In-house restaurant