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7 Reasons That Make Tranquil Woods An Ideal Farmhouse For An Intimate Gathering

What makes an outing or an event memorable? People, especially the ones that are the closest to you. A boring meal turns into a fun time when you’re in the company of your family and friends. A vacation becomes a chance to bond over new places and things. An event becomes a celebration when you get to share it with your loved ones. These are the memories we want you to live with at Tranquil Woods. But what makes this place so special? Let’s find out!

  • 2 Acre Property

Yes, this place has lots of open space! The view from your window is going to be just a clean, green and breezy lawn. This also means you have all the privacy you could want on your vacation or event. It also has ample parking space along with security management to ensure your guests can park their vehicles without any hassle. 

  • 50,000 Sqft Lawn

The property is ideal for hosting up to 1000 guests without making it seem crowded. It makes it the perfect venue for corporate events, marriages and other functions. 

  • 2 Large Bedrooms

The farmhouse features two very spacious bedrooms that can comfortably house 30 guests with extra bedding. The room also has floor to ceiling windows to give you an indoor-outdoor living experience, making it appear all the roomier. 

Don’t worry if you’re travelling with a smaller pack, the rooms will be set up as per your requirement to comfortably host you and your family. 

  • Private Pool with Kids’ Pool
  • The property features a very well maintained pool that you and your family can take a dip in on a hot summer day. It also has a toddler’s pool so you can have your kids enjoy their time without missing out. 
  • 2 Gazebos

These scenic Gazebos make for the most idyllic venue to host an intimate wedding/reception or even just a candle-lit dinner. 

  • Bar & Lounge Set-up

If you are looking forward to a fun outing with your friends for any occasion, the place has a bar and lounge set-up. Enjoy a few drinks along with your friends and celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette party or even just a reunion with your college buddies. 

  • Event Management Services

To make your celebration an enjoyable one, it also offers event management services to help you plan out and arrange the events. The staff is well trained and experienced with hosting hundreds of events ensuring that you get to live every moment of it without any stress. 

Apart from these, there are a bunch of other experiences and facilities that this property has to offer. You can find it all here.