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Dear Santa 2020 Full Download Torrent

Dear Santa 2020

“Dear Santa Claus” describes the American postal service’s hundreds of year old “Operation Santa Claus” program. Hundreds of thousands of letters for Santa Claus arrive at the post office every year …
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Take a look at the production, cash register and information on the “Dear Santa Claus” company lighting up the US Postal Service’s hundreds of year-old “Operation Santa Claus” program. Every year, hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa Claus arrive at post offices across the country. Via Operation Santa, the U.S. Postal Service. allows the public to safely adopt the letters and make children’s dreams come true. This film invites the audience to this miracle of mass enterprise. Around the country, like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, the film focuses on specific “Operation Santa Claus” centers: some in metropolitan areas such as mass rallies in New York, and others in small towns where the post office is the heart of the community.

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