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Where luxury meets personalization. Discover unforgettable experiences, exclusive hospitality, and indulgent entertainment. From private vacation home rentals to curated culinary and wellness experiences, we specialize in creating tailored getaways that exceed expectations for personal celebrations and other special occasions. Immerse yourself in the epitome of relaxation and create memories that last a lifetime.

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Where the essence of living is distilled into the sublime, and the world fades into a tranquil lullaby.

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We offer personalized experiences tailored to your needs. Our chefs can create custom menus, and our butlers can set up a BBQ, custom dining experiences, submerged dining, gazebo dining, poolside dining, and more.

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Jade Retreats, a visionary haven, where the concept of a resort-like experience in one's personal space was uniquely born. We bring forth the elements of nature and tranquility, blending them seamlessly into your abode. Our patrons, in unison, attest to the intimate connection that ensues, a reflection of one's innermost self.

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