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The Stealth FPS You love Love and Hate is a first-person tactical shooter video game where you play as a secret agent tasked with retrieving information from a stolen nuclear warhead. Developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000, this game is also called Project: I’m Going In and featured stealthy reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid series. It spawned a sequel titled: The Dangerous Life of a Secret Agent The project follows the story of Agent Jones, who was tasked with capturing Josef Priboi to find out about a lost nuclear war. You play through mission levels in different locations where you have to complete objectives in order to get closer to Pribois’s current location. These will unlock once you have completed the previous mission. Accompanying Jones through the ear is Anya, who gives him her goals by identifying areas of; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You start with 4 weapons: a combat knife and three different weapons. You also have binoculars and a card with your progress log and goals. To get more items such as ammo, grenades, and medicine kits, you need to explore the current location, but guns and ammo can be easily robbed of eliminated enemies as they won’t disappear. Therefore, it is worth being patient and eliminating all hostile NPCs to be yourself; The game emphasizes stealth, as there are cameras and alarms too. You can hack security buildings to switch off cameras for a few minutes, but this has a hidden timer, so it is recommended to destroy them when you can. Alarms can also be turned off with buttons scattered around the square, but will sound again if an enemy is given adequate warning. Unfortunately, they tend to miss your presence and; Prepare your disappointment poor enemy AI is one of the main disadvantages of the game. They have a limited range of sight and sound, even if you shoot one of them with a non-silent pistol, it won’t. they are usually unable to hear and may not even see a dead body if they are far enough away. Alarms will also not affect all enemies, though this limitation may in some ways be due to the lack of a non-lethal elimination mode in the game that will not; Another problem in the game is the complete lack of a backup system. There are no checkpoints to charge you in the middle of a mission. Once you die the mission fails and you are brought back to the start, all progress is lost and most missions are long. It doesn’t help that you don’t have a way to take down enemies without making noise that makes the game frustrating; The last issue is the lack of multiplayer, though that’s not too big a deal in a game. However, it is always disappointing to see a shooter operating stealth tactical mechanics and not giving players the option. to join or compete like other shooting games of his generation. Covert Strike received this mode and the ability to get started just because of fans’ desire to see stealth games in the future. The Project was actually a much anticipated game at the time, as it had a different playing style than other FPS games at the time. However, the severe lack of essential features and the overall boring AI programming in response to players’ actions made the experience unsatisfying. Amazing, thoughHowever, popularity has always grown and is now a nostalgic piece in the childhood of stealth shooting fans.